Kirstin Hensley

Disassembling Dad’s motorcycle (partially) as a toddler hinted at my interest in understanding how things work. When I found Maker Works, I felt like I’d just unwrapped an awesome gift of new things to learn and test. I’m working my way through the facility, getting familiarity with many of the tools and working on fun and challenging projects.

I majored in computer science at MSU and went into programming before having kids. Then I switched to stay­at­home mom, and learned much about how kids work, how groups of kids work, and later when they were in school, how groups of volunteer parents work. I then hired on with the school district as tech support and attempted to fix anything with a cord. This chapter ended and the next began when we moved to Ann Arbor and I came in to Maker Works.

I can’t draw to save my life, so I look for beauty in math and science when coming up with a project to create here. I made a 3D model of my favorite lake using bathymetric data and carved it into plywood on the Shopbot. I’ve also created a pattern to make a 20­sided die on the laser cutter and am learning parametric CAD so I can easily change the pattern to make it any size I wish.

I love helping people figure out challenging issues, so please ask!
(Also, it turns out he didn’t actually need all the parts that were on the motorcycle when I began.)

Kirstin is checked out on: Epilog Laser Cutter, ShopBot CNC Router