I design and build custom furniture meticulously crafted from both renewable exotic and native hardwoods. Each of my commissions is designed to fulfill the unique needs and requirements of my current client and then crafted with an uncompromising attention to detail … Continue reading

Born with a fascination for the way things are made and work long before he could read, Ben started taking apart and putting back together household items. When he learned to read it was primarily so he could read about … Continue reading

Beth has been a Maker Works member since the shop opened in 2011. She is an origami designer and began working at the shop to use the vinyl cutter and Epilog laser to score paper. After becoming a member, she … Continue reading

Casey Dixon aka KcD aka Kc. Born and raised in Michigan, went to Eastern Michigan University and graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts, with a double concentration of painting  and sculpture. Worked a plethera of jobs, everything from maintenance … Continue reading

Eric Rudolph is a jack-of-all-trades. A native of the upper peninsula of Michigan, he spent his summers as a commercial fisherman, logger, and park ranger. He learned a lot of his skills from his father, a master welder, who he … Continue reading

I was born in Los Angeles, California and spent the majority of my childhood in Toledo, Ohio. My fascination and passion for making developed early thanks to my dear grandma. I spent many weekends as her craft show sidekick, helping her set-up … Continue reading

Prior to working at Maker Works Josh Williams co-founded All Hands Active (AHA), a non-profit community run hackerspace in Ann Arbor, MI. Through AHA he helped establish after school and library programs geared towards connecting youth with tools, electronics, and … Continue reading

Disassembling Dad’s motorcycle (partially) as a toddler hinted at my interest in understanding how things work. When I found Maker Works, I felt like I’d just unwrapped an awesome gift of new things to learn and test. I’m working my … Continue reading

Teri comes to Maker Works with enthusiasm for process improvement.  She’s only mildly familiar with operating the tools in the shop at this time but this will quickly change.  The excitement for process has her desirous to read through and … Continue reading