Geomagic Design 3D CAD

Geomagic Design is a professional 3D parametric CAD program that can produce 3D models for machining, visualization, and 3D printing.  In this class we’ll cover the basics of creating a 3D part that can be exported for 3D printing or to CAM for machining.  Most of the content will apply to the low-cost version of Geomagic, marketed as Cubify Invent and Cubify Design.


By the end of this class, you will

  • know what the software does, when to use it

  • be able to make simple 3D parts

  • know how to export the design for fabrication

  • have a foundation for further exploration

Specifically, we will cover

  • purpose of Geomagic

  • how it compares with other 2D and 3D CAD programs

  • the basic 2D sketch -> 3D feature -> modify sequence of creating a 3D part

  • using the design history for efficient modifications

  • using dimensions

  • basic and intermediate 2D sketching and verification

  • using constraints

  • generating 2D and 3D files for fabrication (e.g., 3D printer or a milling machine)

  • using parameters and equations

  • repeating sketches and features

Prerequisites: It will be helpful, but not necessary, to have some experience drawing or creating on a computer–anything from Corel Draw to Minecraft. This is probably not the ideal first exposure to using a computer.

Bring to class: Nothing is required. If you wish, there are 15-day trial versions of Geomagic Design you can install on your own computer, but we will have computers with Geomagic Design installed for your use in the class. If you do choose to install a trial version on your own computer, we recommend the full-blown Geomagic Design (Cubify Invent and Design will not open the example files we use). (See below for any .zip files that may be used in this class.)

Provided: PCs with Geomagic Design, example files.

Please Note

While 3D parts can be created in Cubify Invent, Cubify Design, and Geomagic Design, the $50 Cubify Invent is limited in the type of file it can save and export in; files saved in Invent can only be opened in Invent, and export is only to STL. While STL is sufficient for 3D printing and some types of CNC machining, many other CNC operations benefit from being able to export other formats. For personal/small-business use, the $200 Cubify Design may be a reasonable solution.  Cubify Design at this time seems to trail Geomagic by a version or so, which means that Geomagic will open all Cubify Design files, but Cubify Design can not open files saved by recent Geomagic Design.

This is a learn by doing class.

Maker Works has Geomagic Design installed on our common room workstations and our computer lab computers.

1 class: 3 hours
Class size: 5 people

Files for this class: