Beverly B2A Throatless Shear

The Beverly B2A Throatless Shear lets you cut sheet metal of any length using its unique design.  It is capable of cutting both straight and curved lines in a number of materials listed below.

No checkout class is required, however you must use the SOP.

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2017 Summer Camp – Metal Sculptures

Ages 13-16

Jul 10 – 14 & Aug 14 – 18 

9:00am – 4:00pm (open build available from 4pm to 5pm in the Kids Space)

Do you want to harness the power of the sun to cut metal? Shape that metal with your mind and hands? Join Maker Works for an exciting metal workshop for kids. Students will be introduced to a variety of metalworking methods including forging, casting pewter, plasma cutting, and using various other tools. Students will learn about design and tool skills, which will allow them to create their own custom sculptures.

Students must wear closed toe shoes and natural fiber clothing (cotton, denim). Avoid loose/baggy items. Long hair must be pulled back from the face. Leather gloves are encouraged.

Prerequisites: None

Please pack a bagged lunch, we will provide light snacks.

Cost $489

Class Sign Up

Register for Session I (Jul 10-14)

Register for Session II (Aug 14-18)

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2017 Summer Camp – Kinetic Camp

Ages 8-12

Jun 19 – 23  9:00am – 12:00pm

Flying! Rolling! Crashing! Join Maker Works for a series of kinetic-themed Make & Take classes. Students will be introduced to a variety of traditional kinetic projects and the tools to create them. Everything from rubber band planes and mousetrap-powered cars to stomp rockets will be covered in this week-long series of half-day workshops. Starting from kits, students will end the camp with their own custom creations and a new appreciation for designing from scratch!

Prerequisites: None
Light snacks provided!
Cost $250

Register for Jun 19-23

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2017 Summer Camp – Upcycled Fashion

Tote bag made from an upcycled denim pant leg

“The name of the Game is re-use.”

Ages 10-16

Jul 17-21 & Aug 21-25

9:00am – 4:00pm (open build available from 4pm to 5pm in the Kids Space)

Get your kids thinking outside the box when it comes to self-expression through everyday fashion. While we will use basic hand and machine sewing, students will be introduced to bigger tools like the laser cutter, vinyl cutter, and heat press to help achieve their creative visions. Students will be exploring T-shirt and denim reconstruction, plus the art of accessorizing. Transform “hand-me-downs” into runway-ready style for the new school year! Students will create several garments and accessories. All materials included.

Prerequisites: Basic familiarity with hand and machine sewing (thread a needle, thread a machine, wind a bobbin).

Please pack a bagged lunch, we will provide light snacks.

Cost: $489

Register for Session I (Jul 17-21)Class Sign Up

Register for Session II (Aug 21-25)

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2017 Summer Camp – Comic/Manga Camp

Ages 10-14

Jun 26 – 30 & Aug 07 – 11

9:00am – 4:00pm (open build available from 4pm to 5pm in the Kids Space)

Students will be immersed in a week-long workshop of creative storytelling through the art of comics and manga. We will work on drawing skills, narration, and formatting a story to go wherever their imagination takes them. Pen and paper are combined with modern experimental tools like laser cutters, conductive ink and 3D printing to give students the means to meet their print deadline. Staff will guide students through the use of these devices to express their art in multiple media to create a single-issue zine featuring everyone’s work by the end of the week.

Prerequisites: None

Please pack a bagged lunch, we will provide light snacks.

Cost $489

Register for Session I (Jun 26-30)Class Sign Up

Register for Session II (Aug 07-11)

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Beginning 3D CAD with Fusion 360

AutoDesk’s Fusion 360 is a professional 3D parametric CAD program that can produce 3D models for machining, visualization, and 3D printing.  In this class we’ll cover the basics of creating a 3D part using the common sketch-extrude-modify method.

By the end of this class, you will

  • know what the software does, when to use it

  • be able to make simple 3D parts

  • know how to export the design for fabrication

  • have a foundation for further exploration

Specifically, we will cover

  • purpose of Fusion 360 CAD

  • how it compares with other 2D and 3D CAD programs

  • the basic 2D sketch -> 3D feature -> modify sequence of creating a 3D part

  • using the design history and timeline for efficient modifications

  • using dimensions

  • basic and intermediate 2D sketching

  • using constraints

  • generating 2D and 3D files for fabrication (e.g., 3D printer or a milling machine)

  • using parameters and equations

  • repeating sketches and features

Bring to class:  Nothing is required.  If you wish, you can install Fusion 360 on your own computer, but we will have computers with the software already installed for your use in the class.  (See the class description on our website for any .zip files that may be used in this class.)

You will need to establish an account with AutoDesk to use the software.  Fusion 360 can be evaluated for free for 30 days by anyone–we will try to keep this class well under that limit.  Many people can continue to use the program for free (as of this writing), including students, startups, hobbyists, and so on.  Please refer to AutoDesk’s website for more details.  We should have time at the start of the class to create the account, but it will be faster if you create it beforehand.

Even if you choose not to use Fusion 360, the concepts in this class are widely applicable to parametric 3D CAD in general.  There are variations in details, but the general ideas should give you a good foundation regardless of the actual program you end up using.

Provided:  PCs with Fusion 360, example files.

This is a learn by doing class.

Maker Works has Fusion 360 installed on our common room workstations and our computer lab computers.

1 class: 3 hours
Class size: 5 people

Data files for this class (place on your desktop):

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T-962A Reflow Oven

The T-962A is a 1500W reflow oven for soldering surface mount components on printed circuit boards.  It has a 300 x 320 mm (11.8″ x 12.6″)  capacity, and a temperature range up to 350 degrees C.

It has been upgraded with new open-source firmware from Unified Engineering for much improved performance and an internal temperature sensor for increased temperature accuracy (cold junction compensation).

You can use leaded or lead-free solder paste.  (Maker Works provides a refrigerator for storing solder paste–please do not use the kitchen refrigerator.)

There is currently no checkout required.  Use the SOPs.

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Teri Laeder

Teri comes to Maker Works with enthusiasm for process improvement.  She’s only mildly familiar with operating the tools in the shop at this time but this will quickly change.  The excitement for process has her desirous to read through and familiarize with all the different standards in the shop.

A graduate from Eastern Michigan University with a Bachelors degree in Mechanical Engineering Technology, Teri has always had a mindset for figuring out how things work but most recently has applied it to how things are physically done and why they are done that way.  She has worked for the past year with Zingerman’s as a Lean Apprentice and most recently received the title of Continuous Improvement Coach. She’s been helping the different Zingerman’s businesses improve how they are producing food, making decisions, documenting processes, and improving their everyday tasks.

She resides in Ann Arbor with her fluffy family; Emma the cat and Yogi the dog.  In her spare time she enjoys volleyball, mountain bike riding, and walking Yogi in the many beautiful parks around Ann Arbor.

Teri is checked out on: Epilog Laser Cutter and Amaya 16-thread CNC Embroidery Machine

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Kirstin Hensley

Disassembling Dad’s motorcycle (partially) as a toddler hinted at my interest in understanding how things work. When I found Maker Works, I felt like I’d just unwrapped an awesome gift of new things to learn and test. I’m working my way through the facility, getting familiarity with many of the tools and working on fun and challenging projects.

I majored in computer science at MSU and went into programming before having kids. Then I switched to stay­at­home mom, and learned much about how kids work, how groups of kids work, and later when they were in school, how groups of volunteer parents work. I then hired on with the school district as tech support and attempted to fix anything with a cord. This chapter ended and the next began when we moved to Ann Arbor and I came in to Maker Works.

I can’t draw to save my life, so I look for beauty in math and science when coming up with a project to create here. I made a 3D model of my favorite lake using bathymetric data and carved it into plywood on the Shopbot. I’ve also created a pattern to make a 20­sided die on the laser cutter and am learning parametric CAD so I can easily change the pattern to make it any size I wish.

I love helping people figure out challenging issues, so please ask!
(Also, it turns out he didn’t actually need all the parts that were on the motorcycle when I began.)

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Wade Buck

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